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My name is Igor Kheifets and I'm a super-affiliate.

On most days, I earn more in one day online than most people (maybe even you) make in a month working their day job.

Few years ago I went from a struggling affiliate marketer who couldn't make an affiliate sale even if his life depended on it... to one of the world's most respected super-affiliates who routinely nets...

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"What Made the Difference?"

What put an end to my affiliate struggles and turned my failing affiliate business around virtually overnight?

What instantly put me on the fast-track to making big money with affiliate marketing... even though I was inexperienced, broke and confused?

In a nutshell - I stopped promoting low-converting, low-paying affiliate offers everyone told me I should promote.

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Had I known the truth about getting big affiliate commissions, it wouldn't have taken me so long to finally start making money with my fledgling affiliate business.

But before I discovered these lucrative offers, I spent ages promoting low-converting, low-paying affiliate offers that everyone else promoted

Without even knowing it, I was digging a hole for myself, because due to super-low commissions, I couldn't afford any tools or traffic for my affiliate marketing, so I worked my ass off creating content, writing blogs, shooting videos, optimizing my website for Google and a million other things I now feel were a waste of time, because...

"...You Can "Outwork" Bad Economics!"

No matter what anyone tells you, to grow your affiliate business you need seed capital.

You need money to buy tools, software, ads, landing page builders, the lot.

But if you aren't making big commissions on each sale you refer, you can't continue putting money into your business without seeing a return. Your pockets will only stretch so far, before you go broke.

That's why virtually...

"...Every Affiliate Marketer Who Doesn't Know This Secret Eventually Gets Eaten!"

That's the bad news.

But there's good news too.

For me, discovering this secret was liberating, because it drew a line between the affiliate programs I should avoid and the affiliate offers I should promote.

In fact, it led me to an amazing breakthrough discovery that changed my life forever in ways I never thought were even possible.

It unlocked for me what I've always wanted, but never knew how to get - make big earnings with a small effort.

"Big Breakthrough Discovery That Changed Everything!"

For once I had a system to produce I could count on with my eyes closed.

I stopped worrying about where my next sale is going to come from... and whether it's going to be a big sale or a small sale.

In fact, for once, I was expecting to get paid the big bucks, because it wasn't up to me, my skills, talents, positive thinking, connections or anything like that.

For the first time in my life I had a proven and tested systematic blueprint to...

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Imagine making bill-paying income with a just couple of affiliate sales every month.

More... imagine making $10,000 per month with as little as 10 sales.

Even more... imagine the lifestyle you can afford when you aren't tied up behind your computer, trying to figure out how to squeeze blood from a stone.

In fact, my favourite part about being an e-learning super-affiliate is the...


"How Can You Become a 6-Figure
e-Learning Affiliate
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  You've probably got some questions about all this, such as...

  • "Where can I find these secret high-paying e-learning offers?"
  • "What's the best way to promote these offers once I get approved?"
  • "How do I get customers (aka drive traffic) to these offers?"
  • "What if my computer skills are limited?"
  • "What if I'm working with a small budget?"
  • "What if I don't have much time to fit this new venture into my packed schedule?"

I've put together a free training for you on the next page where I answer all these questions.

I then take you by the hand and show you how to make your first $1,000
with e-learning affiliate programs in the next 4 weeks.

Go watch the free training to see and understand how...

"...Paul D, A School Teacher From London Is
Making $11,186.10 Per Month!

And how this same approach is generating this stay-at-home mom of 3 from New Zealand a staggering...

"...$3,045.23 Per Month!"

"Why Give You My Golden Goose?"

It's a bit hard to explain, because it doesn't make logical sense, but you can't really hurt my income, even if you promoted the same affiliate offers I did, to the same audience, at the same time.

And I'm not talking about some metaphysical mumbo jumbo like abundance thinking.

It's pure market economics.

When you profit $197, $497, $998.50 or even $2,000 in commissions for every sale, you only need a few sales each month to make comfortable living.

But the market is so big (remember, Forbes estimates going to be a $325,000,000,000 market soon), and the customers in this market so hungry, that there's just enough to go around for everyone.

For example, I've been successfully making money with e-learning affiliate programs for many years, and I'm still unknown. When I leave my home people don't come up to me for an autograph or anything like that. In fact, I bet you didn't even know who I was until you started reading this letter.


"I Make More Money In 1 Day
Than Some People Make At Their Day Job An Entire Year!

That's why over the years I was never shy to share what I know with my students and help them make money too. Like I did for Mike M. from Canada...

Mike isn't making millions or anything, but I think an extra $428.55 per day is nothing to sneeze at for a nursing student, who goes to school full-time and only promotes affiliate programs part-time when he's not doing homework, don't you?

"Igor, Can This Really  Be So Easy?"

Yes, it absolutely can, in spite of what your habitually skeptical mind (and friends and family) may think.

In fact, your life could be nothing like it was before, when you first discover these lucrative affiliate programs.

David D. from Toronto experienced it first hand when he made...

"...Over $100,000 In Just 30 Days!"

Wanna hear something crazy?

"This Is Just ONE  Income Stream!"

He's got many more.

Some pay him more.

Some pay him less.

Some affiliate programs produce tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Other affiliate programs produce tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Some are completely passive.

Some require a few hours a week to grow and maintain.

In fact, he makes an easy...

"...$3,310.45 Sending Out Just 1 Email!"

So What is 301K Challenge All About?

Here's Are Some Key Benefits of the 301K Challenge You May Be Interested In Getting:

  • Earn daily passive income by following a step-by-step actions
  • You get a step-by-step guide that’s actually tested and proven to work
  • You get a Free Lifetime Access to updates and updrades
  • You get the technology, interfaces and specific traffic sources to use and avoid
  • You don’t need any technical skills or experience to do this
  • Start making passive income within 30 days from RIGHT NOW
  • You get the best offers to promote and the hottest winners
  • We handle support for every question you have on this journey
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